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Leak Detection Memphis

If you have noticed a significant spike in your water bill, you are most likely dealing with a water leak. It is important to get someone to come check it out immediately, as water leaks do more than just damage your water bill. A water leak can also be a sign that there is other damage in your home that needs to be taken care of such as corroded pipes, mold growth, etc. If you are searching for a company that offers services for leak detection in Memphis, we are just the company you are looking for.


Signs of a Water Leak

Aside from a spike in your water bill, there are other signs to look out for when it comes to water leaks. Here are a few of the most notable signs:


  • Low water pressure

  • Water meter running after the water has been turned off

  • Unusual water puddles in the lawn

  • Cracks in the foundation

  • Damp floors or walls

  • Sounds of water when the water isn’t running in the house

  • Areas that are consistently muddy


It is a good idea to give us a call if you notice any of the above around your home. If we discover a problem, we can get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent any additional damages that the leak could cause.


Contact Your Local Sewer Company for Leak Detection in Memphis

Our company has proudly served the Memphis metropolitan area for over 10 years. We are a family owned and operated business that cares about your home’s sewer and water needs. Our team is ready to serve you with the highest of standards, making sure to provide you with high-quality services. At Memphis Sewer and Water, we also offer services such as sewer replacements, sewer repairs, water line replacements, and much more. For any of your sewer or water needs, reach out to us and we will come check it out. And if you notice any of the water leak signs listed above, be sure to contact us as soon as possible so we can provide one of our many services for leak detection in Memphis.

Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN



Call 901.410.7203 for a camera inspection or leak detection by one of our specialists. 



Our specialist will determine if a sewer repair or water line service is required. If so, the cost of the inspection by the specialist will be credited to your repair or service. 

Our highly specialized team and equipment will arrive on-site to repair or replace your sewer and/or water line to get you and your home back to normal faster than the competition and with a quality of work second to none.



6770 Whitten Place

Memphis, TN 38133

Tel: 901.410.7203

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