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Sewer Replacement Memphis TN

If you notice a foul smell throughout your home, gurgling sounds from your toilets and drains, or unusual puddles in your lawn, it might be due to a clogged or damaged sewer line. If you have any suspicions that something is wrong, contact your local sewage company immediately. It is important to get these problems fixed right away so they don’t lead to more serious issues. If we notice any problems in your sewer line, we offer the best sewer replacement Memphis, TN has to offer.

About Us

Our company is a family owned and operated local business. We have served the Memphis metropolitan area for over 10 years, providing high-quality services to customers all around town. Services we specialize in are sewer replacements, sewer repairs, sewer spot repairs, leaking sewers, water line replacements, water line repairs, leaking water lines, and much more. Our team cares about you and your home’s sewer and water needs, that is why we provide all our services with a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Hear From Our Clients

“No one wants to replace the sewer line in their front yard. Memphis Sewer and Water made the process as quick and easy as possible. Ryan was responsive with our quote and Bo was patient and kind explaining the procedure to me. I’d recommend them to friends and family. Great service!”

– S. Parker

“We had a sewer blockage in our yard. There is nothing more frustrating than draining an upstairs bathtub and seeing it flow out of a downstairs toilet. I wore blisters on my palm trying to get the toilet to drain with a plunger. Smith Plumbing diagnosed and located the blockage 10 feet deep in our front yard. Their excavators could not dig that deep. They recommended Ryan Foster at Memphis Sewer and Water. Ryan came out and said they could fix it the next day... These guys are honest, hardworking and affordable. I hope I never need them again, but if I do I’m calling them.”

– T. Blackwell

Contact Us Today for Sewer Replacement in Memphis TN

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for any of your sewage concerns. If we find any issues, we will fix them immediately. Give us a call today for the best sewer replacement Memphis, TN has to offer.

Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN



Call 901.410.7203 for a camera inspection or leak detection by one of our specialists. 



Our specialist will determine if a sewer repair or water line service is required. If so, the cost of the inspection by the specialist will be credited to your repair or service. 

Our highly specialized team and equipment will arrive on-site to repair or replace your sewer and/or water line to get you and your home back to normal faster than the competition and with a quality of work second to none.



6770 Whitten Place

Memphis, TN 38133

Tel: 901.410.7203

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