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Sewer Line Repairs Memphis TN

Our team at Memphis Sewer & Water is ready to help your damaged and clogged sewer line. If you have any feeling that something is wrong with your sewage system, contact us immediately. The sooner we can check it out and get it fixed, if necessary, the better. The longer you wait the more damage can occur. Our team offers the best sewer line repairs Memphis, TN has to offer.

4 Signs You Need a Sewer Line Repair

1. Slow Drains

If you notice your sinks, tubs, or shower drains are beginning to drain slower than normal it could be due to a faulter sewer line. You should first check for any noticeable blockage like hair or other debris. Next, if you don’t notice anything, give your local sewer company a call to check it out.

2. Bad Odor

A clear sign of sewage system problems is a foul odor throughout your home. If you notice your bathroom, or home, has a terrible sewage smell it could be due to an issue with the sewage system, especially if it’s not going away. It is important to act quickly because if there is a blockage, you don’t want it to continue to get worse. The odor can also be dangerous for your health, so get it checked out as soon as possible.

3. Gurgling Sounds

When your toilets or sinks start to have a gurgling or bubbling noise when you use them that is usually a clear sign that you need to get your sewer line checked out. Also, if you notice water start to back up into another fixture like your shower drain, that is not a good sign either.

4. Lawn Puddles

Unusual puddles in your lawn, that didn’t come from rain, are a sign there is a problem with your sewage line. Many people don’t know this so it can go unnoticed.

Contact Us Today

It is important to call us if you notice any of these signs, the longer you wait the more issues can arise. And if you catch it early enough it can be just a simple repair rather than a replacement. Our team will provide you with the best sewer line repairs Memphis, TN has to offer. Call us today!

Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN



Call 901.410.7203 for a camera inspection or leak detection by one of our specialists. 



Our specialist will determine if a sewer repair or water line service is required. If so, the cost of the inspection by the specialist will be credited to your repair or service. 

Our highly specialized team and equipment will arrive on-site to repair or replace your sewer and/or water line to get you and your home back to normal faster than the competition and with a quality of work second to none.



6770 Whitten Place

Memphis, TN 38133

Tel: 901.410.7203

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