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Sewer Inspection Services Memphis TN

If you are purchasing a home or maybe it is just time for a routine sewer inspection, we the guys for the job! A damaged sewer can be the source of structural damage and can even lead to health hazards. Homeowners and buyers should be aware of the signs that you need a sewer inspection. Following, we will provide a list of what to keep an eye out for. If you notice any of the signs, give us a call right away for the most reliable sewer inspection services Memphis, TN has to offer.


5 Signs You Need a Sewer Inspection

1. Infested with Rodents or Pests

Pests and rodents are commonly found in sewer systems, if you start to notice them in your home it could be due to clogging or other issues with your sewer system.


2. Old Homes

If your home is more than 25 years old, it is time for a sewer inspection. Older homes are more prone to have sewers with damages or cracks, so routine sewer inspections are necessary.


3. Water Backups

Damages or cracks in your sewer system can lead to water backups in your home or crawl space. Therefore, if you notice any backups, it would be a good idea to get an inspection as soon as possible.


4. Large Trees

Roots from large trees can grow and crush sewer pipes. If you have trees in your backyard that continue to grow larger, routine sewer inspections would be a smart decision as a homeowner.


5. Lush Patches of Grass

Surprisingly, sewer water will actually fertilize your grass. If you notice spots of rich green grass in your yard, but other spots are normal that could be due to a sewage issue.


Contact Us Today

It is important as a homeowner to stay on top of household maintenance. Knowing what to keep an eye on is an important factor. It is important to get potential sewer and water issues looked at as soon as possible. For the most reliable sewer inspection services Memphis, TN has to offer, give us a call today.

Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN
Sewer Repair Memphis TN



Call 901.410.7203 for a camera inspection or leak detection by one of our specialists. 



Our specialist will determine if a sewer repair or water line service is required. If so, the cost of the inspection by the specialist will be credited to your repair or service. 

Our highly specialized team and equipment will arrive on-site to repair or replace your sewer and/or water line to get you and your home back to normal faster than the competition and with a quality of work second to none.



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