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How Does Sewer Line Leak Detection Work?

How Does Sewer Line Leak Detection Work

Sewer repair can be every homeowner's worst nightmare. It's invasive, costly, and time-consuming, not to mention the destruction it brings to your once-beautiful yard. However, there's hope – the plumbing camera, a technological marvel that offers an alternative to the traditional "trenching" (digging) sewer repair. In the past, digging up the sewer line was the only option for repair, modern technology is very helpful. These cameras, along with other advanced plumbing equipment, let us see what damage is present in your sewer lines without needing to dig. So how does sewer line leak detection work when we use a camera?

How Does Sewer Line Leak Detection Work?

Here's how the pipe camera inspection works: a member of our team runs a specialized sewer pipe inspection camera into your sewer line through the cleanout access point. The camera is connected to a long, flexible metal cable that allows us to “drive” it with some small motors within the cable. The camera's powerful lights illuminate the interior, providing a real-time view of every detail inside the pipe as it travels from your property to the street and back.

The benefits of using a plumbing camera inspection are numerous. We use it in various situations where it can prevent the need to dig up your lawn or floor. All that's required is a sewer opening big enough to allow the camera in. And, if needed, we can create a temporary opening ourselves.

What Does the Camera Show Us?

The camera inspection allows us to visually identify issues such as fractures, breaks, root damage, and corrosion. Once the problem is identified, the most efficient repair method can be chosen.

The effectiveness of camera inspection lies in its ability to precisely locate problems without the need for extensive excavation. Without this technology, we would have to resort to trial-and-error, digging until we find the issue. Using the inspection camera, we can go straight to the source, minimizing disruption to your property.

Additionally, camera inspection can reveal not only the immediate problems but also the underlying causes behind repeated issues. This comprehensive insight provides a better understanding of the integrity of your sewer pipes.

Camera inspection and trenchless sewer repair aren’t a magic bullet. They don’t always work for every repair job, sometimes due to pipe placement and other times because of the nature of the problem. However, in most cases, this technology makes sewer repair significantly easier and less intrusive.


If you're facing sewer or pipe problems, Memphis Sewer & Water can help. Call us for camera sewer line leak detection service today!

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